• create a professional account and follow other educators
  • tweet about successes, articles you are reading, questions you have, projects you need input on, etc.
  • can be quite powerful in building an international network of colleagues.

  • online communities set up for common interests
  • include discussion boards, videos, etc.
  • Classroom20 "the social network for those interested in Web 2.0 and Social Media in education"
  • can be used as a classroom community and as a collaborative tool to connect multiple classrooms of students
  • EduBlogger World

RSS Feeds
  • Use a feed reader to subscribe to professional blogs and news feeds
  • ex. Google Reader

Social Bookmarking
  • store bookmarks online
  • able to tag them for organization and to make them searchable
  • able to share links with others and create a network with other teachers
  • able to annotate the description of the bookmark
  • ex. Delicious, Diigo

iTunes Podcasts
  • ex. subscribe to Ted Talks

Apple's Learning Exchange