Online Tools

Be sure to check your school's technology acceptable use policy before using any online tools with students. Some schools require parent permission if student work will be posted online. Also check for age appropriateness.
Things to consider:
  • Determine whether students need accounts and whether or not student email is required (check school policies)
  • Check site's privacy setting options
  • How will you assess their work? Give student's clear expectations and direction so that the lesson objective is not lost in the use of the tool?

Online Office Suite - GoogleDocs

  • Type up an essay (similar to Word)
  • Make a slideshow presentation (similar to PowerPoint
  • Analyze data using a spreadsheet (similar to Excel)
  • Create a form to gather info. (surveys, simple student quizzes, gather info)
  • Files are stored online and and usable with both Macs, PC, some smartphones
  • You can upload existing files

Graphic Organizers

Storytelling Online Tools

Lists of Web 2.0 Tools

Other Helpful Web Tools: