10 Big Ideas

  • Interactive Websites

  • Research/ Use of Informational Websites

    • Must pose good higher order questions rather than using Internet for fact based research only
    • Must teach search skills/tools
      • Google's Wonder wheel (Do a regular Google Search, open Show Options, look for it on right side)
    • Use graphic organizers to brainstorm, outline ideas, etc.
    • 6 Questions to Consider When Designing Web Activities

      1. Is the outcome of the activity aligned to lesson objectives and standards?
      2. Is the Internet the best resource for the activity?
      3. After you have estimated the time the task will take, is that time reasonable to take for the expected outcome?
      4. In what manner will students use the information once they find it? It needs to be used in a higher order manner.
      5. Have you built into the lesson proper citation information and addressed "cut and paste" issues?
      6. Are the instructions written so that students will be successful? (Consider background knowledge of topic and technology skills.)
      7. Have you tested the technology to be sure that the task assigned will be successful?
  • Content Creation/Storytelling/Writing

  • Global Connections

  • Virtual Fieldtrips

  • Video Conferencing

    • Bring experts into your classroom via VC equipment (Skype or prof. equipment)
      • authors
      • scientists
    • Connect to another classroom far far away
    • Blog entry about Skyping in the classroom
    • Contact your buildings technical services staff to ask about availability of video conferencing equipment
  • Simulations

  • Assessment - Formative or Summative