1. Think about the different ways that you have seen technology used in the classroom so far in your student teaching experience. Go to
http://wallwisher.com/wall/techuse and add a note on the wall for each use you have observed.

2. On wall, move stickies to right or left - teacher centered or student centered?
3. Point to Loti and Blooms - Don't lose sight of content area objective and get lost in tech.
4. Key - ask good questions (Cut/Paste mentality is taken out)

5. Search Tools
  • Google tools: advanced search, Timeliner, Wonderwheel, Google Creative Commons Search, Creative Commons

6. Tools - quick examples

Graphic Organizers

Storytelling/Writing Online Tools
LOOK FOR MORE TOOLS in the online tools section and WEBSITES in the Instr. Tech Resource Site Section

Check with cooperating teacher for school policies regarding online tools...
Cyberbullying, Internet Safety

Google Form -
Google Results SS

Playtime and Lesson Ideas

Explore some of the sites and tools, brainstorm with your group how you could use them in the classroom. Use the following Google Form to share your ideas with the group. Don't worry about how to use the tool, think about how the site/tool could help with a lesson objective.

Group members
Name of tool
Description of tool

Lesson Objective
Description of activity
Level of Blooms or LoTi
Assessment -

Ideas for Use: